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Black Pack

Captain Blood Black Pack is a true successor to the tradition of strong and aromatic cigarettes. Our blend is made of the finest tobacco varieties from all over the world, and we take pride in each of them. The Berley leaves give our blend a rich and deep flavor that will leave you with unforgettable impressions. Virginia tobacco adds sweetness and freshness, while Cavendish gives the cigarettes a delicate sweetness and a light tanginess. However, the main highlight of our blend is vanilla tobacco, which adds sweetness and freshness to Captain Blood cigarettes.


The vanilla aroma makes every puff unforgettable and enjoyable, while the strength of the cigarettes allows for a long and satisfying smoking experience. Captain Blood Black Pack is the choice for those who seek strong and aromatic cigarettes with a rich flavor and pleasant vanilla aroma. Enjoy our cigarettes in the company of friends or alone, and create your unforgettable moments with Captain Blood.

Read Pack

Captain Blood Red Pack is the choice for those seeking a real man's cigarette with a strong tobacco taste. These cigarettes are made from "USDA ORGANIC" organic tobacco, certified worldwide. They have a unique, rich flavor that will satisfy even the most demanding smokers. Captain Blood Strong Red Pack contains 20 cigarettes, each with a high nicotine content and a dense smoke, making it the perfect choice for true connoisseurs of strong cigarettes. Be the captain of your life with Captain Blood Strong Red Pack.


Green Pack

Enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of our menthol cigarettes, made from the highest quality tobacco grown in America. Our manufacturer carefully selects the finest leaves to create an unparalleled smoking experience. Captain Blood Green Pack is our menthol-flavored cigarettes, created from a blend of natural flavorings and premium tobacco. Our green pack comes in a stylish package with a modern design that emphasizes our commitment to quality and style.


Our blend includes Berley leaves, which give our cigarettes a rich taste, and Virginia tobacco adds sweetness and freshness. Cavendish, in turn, gives the blend a gentle sweetness and a light acidity, and vanilla tobacco adds even more sweetness and freshness.


We take pride in our commitment to quality and sustainability, starting with our tobacco fields in America. We pay great attention to blending and packaging our menthol-flavored cigarettes to meet our high standards of taste and quality. Try Captain Blood Green today and enjoy an unparalleled smoking experience.

Blue Pack

Captain blood Blue Pack is the perfect choice for those seeking a medium-strength cigarette with a unique blend of Kentucky and Virginia tobacco, grown and hand-selected in America. This blend provides a smooth and consistent smoking experience with a distinctive flavor that is unforgettable.


Each draw of a Captain Blue Pack cigarette has a unique and unforgettable taste, which speaks to the high quality of ingredients used and the manufacturing process. Captain Blue Pack cigarettes guarantee the perfect balance between strength and flavor, making them the ideal choice for smokers who seek pleasure from smoking but do not want to go overboard with strength.


Enjoy a pleasant and relaxed smoking experience with Captain Blue cigarettes, made from high-quality ingredients, lovingly crafted by tobacco masters to provide you with an unforgettable smoking experience.


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