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Our cigarettes have two legal and LEGENDARY inscriptions “MADE IN USA” and “Richmond, VA, USA”, which are very highly regarded outside the USA, and can capture up to 30-40% of both the mass buyer market and the premium market segment buyers, the latter including individuals who previously purchased and smoked high-quality American cigarettes, but due to the shortages or other geo-political reasons may have switched to the expensive alternative products grown locally or imported from other places.  
The quality and quality control and standards of the American tobacco industry for the tobacco blends is still very high and well-regarded in the rest of the world. American products rightfully occupy a very high position among all tobacco products worldwide.

















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About Us

We see our mission and the goal as the promotion of our product worldwide, by creating a separate partnership in each country or geographic and economic trading region. 
The goal is to promote both our products, manufactured in the United States, and the creation of a full-fledged local factory, in order to produce the cigarettes under our brand, from our American raw materials, so that the high product quality for our products and the brand would be maintained in all countries and regions where our products are sold by us or our partners.


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Tobacco and all tobacco products fall into the category of taste products such as tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and so on. Tobacco and tobacco products are used for smoking, chewingand sniffing. In this case, they are conditionally referred to as food products, because they are consumed inside. Tobacco products are used mainly because of the nicotine alkaloid containedin the tobacco, which has an exciting effect on the human body. 
 Nicotine is not addictive! The properties of tobacco smoke of saturating a smoker for a certain period is called the physiological strength of tobacco. The more nicotine that tobacco has, the higher its physiological strength. The property of smoke causing a certain variety of complex taste sensations (astringent and sour taste, bitterness, irritation of the throat tongue twitching) is calledthe flavor strength of tobacco products.

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